Watch us tell five students they got funded

Students get their Hummingbird Fund results
Students get their Hummingbird Fund results  
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You can turn their ideas into positive change

Help students to turn responsibility into action through small student projects of up to €3,000.

Five students could see their bright ideas become reality, as their project ideas were chosen in the first ever round of RSM's Hummingbird Fund.

Following an extensive application process, project grants grants of between €500 and €2,000 were awarded by a panel of RSM faculty and management experts.

"Thank you so much, this has probably made my entire year" says one recipient in a heartwarming video recording of the moment the successful students were informed.

We can't wait to follow these students on their journey, as they learn more about running their non-profit and social enterprises. The projects will be supported by RSM staff to help ensure that the students achieve their goals.

Meet the grantees

Louisa Mandt proposed a project to use sustainable materials to construct flower beds that would encourage bee population growth and place them around Rotterdam. Louisa also wanted to engage with primary schools to paint the beds and teach younger children about the role bees play in sustainable ecosystems. 

In her third year of her IBA, Camila Cordova was awarded a grant to scale up her social enterprise, Reshirt Rotterdam. They use textile waste to create new products and sells them online. The textiles mainly consist of garments that are damaged beyond repair and would otherwise end up burnt or in landfill. Camila will be using the grant to buy new equipment, such as sewing machines, and a camera for product photography. A priority for Camila was the ethical treatment of garment workers, and she aims to employ workers from groups such as refugee women in Rotterdam with adequate compensation for their skilled work.

Koen Vegter, a Business Information Management MSc student, saw that one of the issues coming out of the pandemic was a decline in long term-thinking and a hyper-focus on the short term. Short-termism stifles innovation and as a solution, he proposed starting a project to educate young people about futures literacy. He received a grant to develop his idea of a Long Term Academy and make educational videos to teach future-thinking and promote innovation.

Oliver Fuss (MSc Strategic Entrepreneurship) received a grant to start-up a glass upcycling business. He is going to purchase a glass cutter to make vases and other home wear items out of salvaged materials. Oliver is just at the beginning of this social enterprise journey and the Positive Change Initiative will help him along the way.

Alongside her studies in MSc Organisational Development and Change, Maartje Zaal founded her mental health charity Let’s Break the Shame in April 2019. Let's Break the Shame was set up with the aim of breaking the mental health stigma in our society. She wants to give everyone a voice and make people feel heard and understood. Maartje will use her grant to create virtual workshops, create videos, create online campaigns, give coaching sessions, and more.