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Carla Blekkink

Alumna, OneMBA Class of 2015
International Account Manager at Orangeworks Process Professionals

Carla Blekkink

Why did you participate at the MBA open day as alumni volunteer?

“Participating in the MBA open day feels like contributing something significant to others by  supporting them to make funded choices. The OneMBA was a great rollercoaster experience that added a lot of value to my leadership skills, my personal life and my career. It also gave me a network of strong career-oriented people, which had always lacked in my life. By sharing the OneMBA experience I enable others to consider if it could do the same for them.”

What did you get out of it?

“Conversations about the MBA programme are always thoughtful. It’s interesting to hear the diverse reasons why prospective candidates consider it. Some have actually applied and got admitted. They are now part of my network and it’s interesting to see their progress and development. I also always enjoy returning to the vibrant campus. Conversations with staff, professors and visitors give me energy. Sharing my OneMBA experience and talking about those years is like recalling the good times that were definitely worth all the hard work that is also part of MBA.” 

What did you talk about?

“I mainly talked about my experiences during the two years: the intensity, the highlights and struggles such as priorities, work-life-study-balance and time management. What is discussed also depended on questions asked by the audience. Subjects have been diverse and surprising.”

Where do you think you made the biggest difference?

“I think I made the biggest difference by talking about the total value the OneMBA brought to my life. Of course there is the advanced career aspect, but the other benefits and learnings added a lot to my personal leadership skills and happiness in general. Those aspects are often not considered or expected by prospective students, but so much worth mentioning.”

Would you like to inspire future RSM students, too?