Strategic Business Plan

Strategic Business Plan

Your experienced and critical eye is valuable, especially for our first-year bachelor students working on their Strategic Business Plans. Would you volunteer to come back to school to help them?

Alumni feedback for student business plans

Each year, RSM’s first-year bachelor student teams produce a Strategic Business Plan. This is a taste of real business life – they write a five-year business plan or strategy for a real company, to improve its chances of survival in the market, and even to expand its activities. They have to consider short-term and long-term goals, and they have around six months to do it. During this time, they apply the knowledge they have learned in class.

It’s not easy. That’s why we ask RSM alumni to come in half way through the course to give feedback and act as the students’ management board.

You can benefit too

You can help RSM students make sure their analyses focus on the most important problems, and that their proposed strategies are realistic. With your help, they can refine their plan. And alumni feedback from previous years indicates that alumni benefit too, gaining fresh insights and inspiration from RSM students.

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If you'd like to participate in SBP in 2018, please indicate your interest on the form below and we'll make sure we keep you up to date on the programme. SBP 2018 is scheduled to run in April 2018, exact dates and time slots will be confirmed early 2018. 

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Previous alumni participants have said...

"It is great to be back again and great to share my experience as a strategy consultant with students struggling to write a strategic business plan. Challenging for them, but also for me, because in just 10 minutes you have to make up your mind and give feedback that really helps the team. It can be critical but always directs them in the right direction. It is still one of the better courses of RSM and reflects for me what business administration really is. Count me in next year!
- Paul Pietersma, Bedrijfskunde, MSc BA Strategic Management, 1995

“It’s very inspiring for a cynical businessman to see how much enthusiasm and talent (still?) roams the campus. In particular, I was taken aback by the presentation of one group on a specialist food wholesaler. I would’ve been impressed with the presentation if it would’ve been given by my team, so it was all the more impressive to get such a clear analysis from a group of first-year students... I left campus feeling a lot better about getting a degree from a place that boasts such outstanding talents as its students. It was the best business plan presentation performance I’ve seen – and I’ve seen a couple in my time!”
- Peter Strik, MSc Strategic Management 2009

It's great “being a part of the process in finding ways to dig in the challenges of the company in all varieties of sectors and having the opportunity to challenge, celebrate critical thinking and guiding the students to become aware of the possible ways to use their theory lessons in practice.”
- Michael Boeren, Bedrijfskunde Postkandidaats, 1987

“During the dialogue with the students I noticed how deep they could dive into the content.”
- Rody Rovers, MSc Strategic Management, 2003

“I live in Zurich, but whenever I have time, I'll really try to come to RSM to join the SBP Alumni Days!"
- Kathelijne Marritt-Alers, MSc Strategic Management, 2000