What to expect

Join us for an insightful session on unlocking the power of authenticity in leadership. In today's ever-evolving professional landscape, the call for authenticity in leadership has never been more crucial. As we transition from a history rooted in manufacturing to a service-based economy, the qualities that define effective leadership have shifted. Building and leading diverse teams is both a challenge and an opportunity. By understanding and championing the authenticity of each team member, leaders can reach greater performance.

Expert speaker

Elena Pimenova


Understand uniqueness

Understand the importance of embracing uniqueness in the workforce, exemplified by the need for introverted leaders to leverage their innate strengths and for leaders to celebrate rather than homogenise cultural differences. 

Examine examples

Examine examples illustrating the way of operating in social situations, highlighting why common advice for introverted leaders does not work. 

Face challenges

Overcome challenges in forming diverse teams, which stem from the complexities of understanding and integrating a multitude of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. 

Develop strategies

Develop actionable strategies, focusing on harnessing their uniqueness into leadership practices through fostering cultural awareness, conducting research on cultures, and building relationships and trust in distinctive ways.

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