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What to expect

Join us as we explore the contrasts between working in corporate versus non-corporate environments. Through discussions on cultural nuances, career progression, work-life balance, risk, innovation, and purpose, you'll gain valuable insights into the dynamics shaping both sectors. Whether you're contemplating a career transition or seeking to understand the evolving professional landscape, this session will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to thrive in diverse settings, leveraging your skills and experiences to navigate the complexities of the modern business world and pursue meaningful career trajectories.

Expert speakers

Gretchen Rudolph

Herbert Smorenburg

Alessandro Carnati

Anouk Mulder


Differentiate cultures

Differentiate between corporate and non-corporate cultures, identifying key characteristics and their impact on professional experiences.

Explore pathways

Explore pathways for career advancement and skill development in both corporate and non-corporate environments, understanding the nuances of progression in each sector.

Discuss strategies

Discuss strategies for achieving work-life balance and navigating flexibility demands in diverse professional settings, fostering personal well-being and productivity.

Analyse approaches

Analyse approaches to risk-taking, innovation, and purpose-driven work in corporate and non-corporate contexts, empowering participants to align their career aspirations with organisational values and societal impact.

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