MSc Graduation 2020

MSc Graduation 2020

This year is quite different to normal, but we still want to celebrate on your original graduation date. That's why we're organising our first online graduation.

On Saturday 17 October at 15:00, we'll invite you and your classmates to join us with a virtual graduation video. It will be launched for all classes at the same time, so you can share the moment together, and you can also choose to watch and rewatch the video from that moment onwards. Everyone who registered before the deadline will be able to send a video message or a photo to their classmates.

What does an online graduation look like?

A normal graduation ceremony has a speech from the Dean of RSM, one of your professors, and a student speaker - and so this graduation ceremony has exactly the same things. We have already been working around the clock to record all of the speeches however we could - in person, in the studio or over a video call. 

Of course, you can't walk onto stage to collect your diploma, so instead you can upload a video message to your classmates and family. In the ceremony, you'll see all the messages from your classmates from the programme. You can record your message on your phone, tablet, computer or camera.

Can my friends and family watch?

Yes! You can share the link to the graduation you recieve on October 17 at 15:00 with anybody, so they can see the same speeches and messages as you. They can either watch with you at the same moment the video is released, or they can rewatch it when they have a moment. That's perfect if they live in a different timezone.

How do I register?

We sent every graduating student an email. Click the registration link in that message and complete the form – it takes just two minutes.

What happens if I register late?

We hope to offer the best experience possible to all of our graduates, but we are forced to set deadlines for some parts of the ceremony.

Register by What happens
25 September 2020 You can fully participate in the ceremony, including uploading a message.
You will be posted a gift, and it should arrive in time.
28 September 2020

You can fully participate in the ceremony, including uploading a message.
We will still send your gift, but it may not arrive on time.

17 October

You can watch the ceremony, but sadly you can't upload a message.
We will still send your gift, but it probably won't arrive on time.

What happens to my certificate?

Currently, it is challenging to organise the safe and secure collection of degree certificates. For most of you, we recommend picking up your degree certificate in person when it is safe to do so . We'll share details of how to do this after the graduation is complete. 

If you don't urgently need your physical certificate, then it might be better to wait until after the pandemic to collect it. Sending the certificate to you is possible, but it is very expensive because of the very high security that is required. If an employer needs verification of your completed studies, we can help to provide that verification by email or phone.