Entrepreneurial Spirit Scholarship

Entrepreneurial Spirit Scholarship

We did not reach out to them, they reached out to us. They said "we see a need and we want to address it".

Adri Meijdam, Executive Director IBA

The story of the Entrepreneurial Spirit Scholarship.

Support RSM's brightest young students

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Scholarship is a three-year scholar- and mentorship offered to incoming first-year students starting the Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration (IBA) at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. It supports students with an entrepreneurial drive, who demonstrably benefit from financial support.

IBA alumni support IBA students

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Scholarship initiative was launched by IBA alumni to support incoming students financially and through mentorship. Recipients would otherwise not be able to fully participate in the program due to financial constraints. The initiative is motivated by the invaluable experience gained by donors and mentors throughout the programme – both academically and with regards to the expansive international network they have built from it. The initiative receives financial and mentoring support from ten alumni, a group which is expanded annually.  

The scholarship

Entrepreneurial Spirit Scholarship recipients receive mentorship from motivated and successful IBA alumni throughout the three-year duration of their studies. Besides mentoring, the scholarship covers the statutory tuition fee of the programme as well as a stipend for yearly book fees. The recipients of the scholarship are encouraged to act as ambassadors of the scholarship and the IBA programme. Mentorship has resulted in internship,  job, and volunteer opportunities worldwide and has supported the brightest young minds in achieving their goals and thinking beyond their studies. 

Need for more scholarships

Each year, circa 25 students from the European Economic Area (EEA) are financially struggling to fully participate in the IBA program. While the current three annual scholarships are already making a large impact, the  ultimate goal is to ensure all qualified students from the EEA can enjoy the IBA experience to the fullest. Help us reach this goal and support this initiative today!

Matching gift opportunity!

Increase your impact by supporting the Entrepreneurial Spirit Scholarship at RSM. 50% matching of all funds raised will be sought meaning that for every euro donated, the ESS is likely to receive €1.5!