How to apply?

You can apply if you are a current BA1 or IBA1 student enrolled at RSM and will continue your studies next year. The I DO course takes place in the 2nd Year of your Bachelor (see Course Structure).

Application Deadline 23 May 23:59.

Late applications will not be accepted.

Tips for the Application and information about the selection  

There is no minimum grade requirement and applicants will not be ranked based on their grades. In your application we want to see a strong motivation to have a positive impact and a willingness to learn and develop on a personal- as well as professional level. If you have relevant work experiences or engaged in a student association please elaborate how these experiences will help you to be a successful I DO participant. Again, there is no requirement on past experiences. Good luck with your applications. 

What to include in your application?

Please fill out the application form below and upload the following:

1) CV (PDF Format, 1-Page)

2) Letter of Motivation (750 words text)
Please answer the following questions (max. 250 words p. question):

  1. Why do you want to be a part of the I DO Project and why are you the right candidate?

  2. What specifically will you contribute to successfully consulting the NGO?

  3. Which skills do you think are necessary for this position and how do you measure yourself on these skills?

3) Application Video (3min)
In your application video, please introduce yourself to us (1 min) and tell us why you want to be a part of the first cohort of the I DO Project (1 min). Last, please share with us your strengths and weaknesses (1 min).

Please upload the video as a Link in the field below. We recommend to use Youtube (unlisted video).

4) Grade Transcript
Please upload your most recent Grade Transcript. Do not worry if you haven't received all of your recent grades yet.

Application form I DO