We are working with NGOs that strive to create a tangible positive impact all around the globe. The specific mission that you will support can vary from empowering education to supporting and developing healthcare infrastructure, or democratizing clean water access. The aim of all participating NGOs includes encouraging, aiding, and supporting deprived and disadvantaged communities. All participating organizations have a representative in the Netherlands, but are operationally active in underdeveloped countries all over the globe. Through the I DO project, you will have the unique chance to support these projects and use your skills to exert significant positive impact. 

Here are some of the NGOs we have had the honor of collaborating with:

Rhiza Foundation

Rhiza is a Dutch-based foundation with the goal of eradicating poverty in South Africa. While doing so, Rhiza follows their Rhiza cycle, which consists of four steps: develop, produce, trade & reinvest. The foundation operates in the areas of health, enterprise development, education, and skills development. Rhiza's work targets early development and channels its resources to help children and young adults (ages 0 – 35). Together with the local population, partner organizations, and the government, they build strong, sustainable, and self-reliant communities in South Africa! 

During the last months, the student team supported Rhiza in conducting a feasibility study on the opening of a potential factory to create sustainable and ethical workplaces in South Africa. Moreover, the students helped Rhiza with an effective online marketing structure to reach more potential donors.


Mpilo provides schools, orphanages, and remote villages in Zimbabwe with access to clean water and electricity. The NGO’s whole operation follows the criteria of sustainability, local involvements while focusing on small-scale projects to create large-scale impact.   

During the last month, the student team consulted Mpilo on its current HR structure and internal workflows to enhance the operational efficiency and the organization’s speed in reacting to inquiries.

In the coming weeks, we will present to you all 12 participating NGOs for the upcoming academic year. Stay tuned!