IBA Graduation

IBA Graduation

This page is dedicated to our graduating BSc IBA class of 2020 and will be updated regularly

How much we would have loved to celebrate your successful completion of the IBA Bachelor Programme last Friday, 20 November in a sold-out New Luxor Theatre, with your family and friends. And how much we have been looking forward to the new anticipated date in March 2021 to still have a live graduation ceremony in the New Luxor Theatre. As COVID -19 turns out to be more persistent then we already feared, we are required to stay online until the end of the academic year, preventing such live events.

COVID-19 created a lot of tension and required extra efforts from you during the last months of your BSc IBA studies. We are therefore very proud of all students who have completed their BSc IBA programme degree during this difficult period!

Graduating from the BSc IBA programme must be celebrated, and we would like to do that with you all – completely corona proof – during the Online IBA Graduation Ceremony on Wednesday, 24 March 2021, 14.00 – 16.30 hrs (CET). We cordially invite you and your family & friends to attend this festive graduation moment and celebrate your achievements with us. Block this date in your agenda!

We will offer you a mix of formal (with a speech of our Dean and a surprise keynote speaker); informal (with humorous presentations of your fellow students, your favourite teachers and other RSM staff) and of course the formal handing over of your Bachelor diploma, in which you can take your 10 seconds of fame. More information will follow about the latter.

It is our intention to make you – the graduates – the centre of attention, giving you somewhat more exposure than we could do in a live event. Of course, we will live-stream the event in order to allow your family and friends to attend the ceremony.

Please let us know by Sunday, 17 January 2021 if you are attending the Online IBA Graduation Ceremony on Wednesday, 24 March 2021 by filling out the survey via this link. This is the only way to officially register for the online graduation ceremony. If you’re not 100% sure if you are able to attend, choose “yes” to make sure you receive follow-up emails in January 2021 with further details about the online graduation ceremony. Please note that this edition is solely for graduates who are officially graduated between 15 November 2019 and 9 January 2021. Students who graduate after 9 January 2021 can attend the next graduation ceremony.

We look forward to seeing you all at this cheerful graduation moment to celebrate your accomplishments!!


  • Verify that all your grades have been correctly recorded in Osiris. Contact the professor if grades are missing/incorrect.

    Double-check your personal details in Osiris (full name, date and place of birth etc.) as these personal details will appear on your diploma as stated in Osiris.

    More than 20 EC of elective courses? Verify that the correct courses are listed under B3 profiling/elective. If you would like to make a request to switch one of the electives that currently appears under ‘other’ with an elective which appears under ‘Bachelor 3’ then remember to send an email to the RSM Examination Board via eb@rsm.nl by 14 August 2020 to ensure that the switch can be made before your diploma is automatically processed.

    Want to compensate a course? Remember to request the B2/B3 compensation by 18 August 2020. See this page for the requirements, procedure and the online request form.

    Your diploma - If you do not need your diploma or a graduation statement before the graduation ceremony, then you do not need to request your diploma yourself. Once you have met all degree requirements then your diploma will be processed automatically after 18 August 2020. This is also referred to as active conferral of a degree. More information about this can be found here

    Need your diploma earlier? Then you can request your diploma once all your grades have been correctly recorded and after verifying your personal details (not necessary after 18 August). Request your diploma via OSIRIS Student – Cases by following these steps:

    1. Log in to OSIRIS Student
    2. Go to the ‘Cases’ tab and click through to the ‘My cases’ section
    3. Click on ‘Start Case’ and select the application form for RSM
    4. After completing all the questions, click ‘Submit’

    You can monitor the progress of your application in the ‘My cases’ section. If your submitted application is complete, the Study Progress & Diploma team (SPD) will change the status of your application to ‘approved application’ and will start with creating your diploma documents.

    Collect your diploma - There are four options available:

    1. If you have indicated that you want to collect your diploma in person, you will receive a confirmation email from the Study Progress & Diploma team (SPD) including a link once your diploma is ready for pick-up. Via that link you can access an online reservation page to schedule an appointment with the Erasmus Student Service Centre (ESSC) in the Sanders Building to collect your diploma. Remember to bring along a valid ID card.
    2. It is also possible to have someone else pick up your diploma after making an appointment using the link you have received from the SPD team. To make use of this option you will need to fill out and sign this document (downloadable PDF) and this form needs to be presented during the appointment.
    3. Students who no longer live in the Netherlands also have the option to ask the Study Progress & Diploma team (via spd.rsm@eur.nl) to send your diploma to your home address abroad by registered post at your own expense. Please be aware of the fact that your diploma will be issued only once, so sending it by post is entirely at your own risk.


    In need of a graduation statement or official grade transcript? It is possible for students to receive an official graduation statement before the ceremony in November, after all your credits have been processed in Osiris. Just follow these two steps:

    1. Request your diploma via OSIRIS Student (not necessary after 18 August)
    2. Request your graduation statement and/or official grade transcripts (digital version or stamped hardcopy of the transcript) from the Study Progress & Diploma Team via email: spd.rsm@eur.nl.

    Full details about the graduation procedure, can be found on this page: https://www.eur.nl/en/education/practical-matters/graduation#Procedures


    Graduating throughout the academic year / bachelor duration of more than three years

    When you finish your last bachelor courses somewhere after your third year, active conferral of your degree also applies. This means that, once you have passed all of the courses of your 180 EC bachelor programme (and they are all correctly recorded in Osiris), all of your grades will be final and no further changes can be made to your grade list. You will still need to request your official diploma yourself, by following the above mentioned steps. Make sure you collect your diploma before you deregister as a student. 

  • Graduates who are in need of additional information are advised to contact BSc Programme Management via bachelor3@rsm.nl. Please include your EUR student number at all times, thank you!