Double Degree with Philosophy

Double Degree with Philosophy


Together, the Rotterdam School of Management and Erasmus School of Philosophy offer a Double Degree in Business Administration and Philosophy. Are you interested in philosophical topics related to Business Administration and do you want to broaden your academic horizon? Then a Double Degree in Business Administration and Philosophy might suit your interests very well. Students in this programme obtain two degrees in four years: a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Philosophy of a specific discipline. In this Double Degree programme you will develop philosophical skills such as logical thinking and analyzing or conceptualizing academic issues from different perspectives. You will also develop the ability to express yourself clearly in writing.  On top of that, you will learn more about philosophical topics and ethical issues, and you will gain knowledge about the history and the basic assumptions of your own academic discipline, Business Administration.

Practical information

The Double Degree with Philosophy curriculum contains 90 European credits (ECTS) with the possibility to use the minor (15 ECTS) for both the Bachelor in Business Administration and the Philosophy programme. To avoid overlap with lectures and seminars of the Bachelor of Business Administration, most lectures of the Philosophy curriculum are scheduled in the evening. 

Admission and fees

Students who have successfully completed the first year of their bachelor in Business Administration can apply for the Double Degree with Philosophy. There are no additional tuition fees as long as you follow a bachelor or master programme at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In case you finish your Bachelor in Business Administration before finishing the Double Degree with Philosophy programme and you do not enroll in a Master at a Dutch university you will pay the institutional fee, that equals the statutory fee (€ 2083,-).

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