RSM Honours Programme

RSM Honours Programme

Applications for the RSM Honours Programme 2016-2017 have now closed.

Information about the RSM Honours Programme 2017-2018 will be made available soon.

The 2016-2017 RSM BSc Honours Programme will be open for 40 second-year students in total: 20 IBA students and 20 BA students. The programme will be conducted in English.


The RSM Honours Programme is scheduled in trimesters 4, 5 and 6 of the BSc programme:

  • the programme starts end of September and continues until April/May of the next calendar year
  • the programme will conclude with a field trip, planned in the Spring break.

Admission and selection

Admission to the RSM Honours Programme will be selective. The selection criteria are as follows:

  • successful completion (with or without compensation) of the first year of studies immediately preceding the year in which participation in the RSM Honours Programme is envisaged (hence: the 2016-2017 programme is only open for students who started their Bachelor in 2015-2016);
  • courses are successfully passed (with or without compensation) prior to the re-sit period
  • weighted average grade of at least 7.5 (for all B1 courses);
  • a solid motivation for the RSM Honours Programme
  • affinity with entrepreneurship, strategic management, and business innovation
  • a good mastery of the English language, to be demonstrated by one or more of the following:
    • score of 80 on TOEFL (with sub-scores of at least 20)
    • score of 6.0 on IELTS (with sub-scores of at least 6.0)
    • a score of 550 on the Institutional TOEFL (ITP)
    • proof that you received a minimum grade of 7.0 for VWO English
    • For all BA students with non-VWO diplomas, the English admission requirements for BSc IBA students apply (in other words, IBA students do NOT need to fulfil any additional language requirements).

More information about the specific requirements per diploma can be found here.

Moreover, the RSM Honours Programme Selection Committee will also strive for diversity, both by background and by gender, when composing the student group.

The RSM Honours Programme Selection Committee will consist of members of Academic Staff of the Dpt. Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship and representatives of Programme Management BSc BA and BSc IBA.


Application for the RSM Honours Programme will open beginning 1 June 2016 and closes 30 June 2016.

Required documents:

  • An online application form will be online by the 1st of June where your personal details (name, student number, etc.) and the documents mentioned below can be entered.
  • A one page Curriculum Vitae
  • A motivation letter, comprising at least the following components:
    • your personal reasons to apply for the RSM Honours Programme
    • your personal strengths in regard to the themes of entrepreneurship and business innovation
    • (if present): evidence of current or past involvement in entrepreneurial activities
  • For BA students that did not receive a 7 or higher for VWO English, proof of English proficiency as outlined above*

*During the application period (1-30 June) a proof of registration for a TOEFL, ITP-TOEFL, or IELTS exam will suffice. Official results (with sufficient scores) will need to be submitted by the 15th of August.

Programme costs

Participation in the RSM Honours Programme (including the trip to the United States) will require a personal contribution of 400 euros. The remaining costs will be paid by RSM.

Awarding places in the RSM Honours Programme

The Selection Committee will announce the outcome of the selection procedure by the end of July 2016 (by that time the B1 trimester 3 grades will also have been published). As said: the RSM Honours Programme is not open for students that have not completed all of their B1 courses (with or without compensation) prior to the re-sits.

Selected students that have only submitted proof of registration for an English exam (as outlined above) will receive a conditional offer.


Students successfully completing the RSM Honours Programme will be awarded 15 extra-curricular ECTS. These credits are extra-curricular, as the RSM Honours Programme cannot replace curricular courses in the BA or IBA programme. Hence, the credits will only be listed on a separate supplement to the Bachelor degree (and not on the official transcript).