IBA Graduation

IBA Graduation

This page is dedicated to our graduating BSc IBA class of 2018! This year, the IBA Graduation Ceremony will be held on Friday, 16 November, 2018 in the New Luxor Theater (Posthumalaan 1, 3072 AG Rotterdam).

    • Students who are planning to attend their IBA Graduation ceremony are required to register their attendance via the official online registration form below. This form will only be available during the time the form is open, which is from 1 June 2018 up and until 31 August 2018.
    • If you fail to complete the form we will remind you at monthly intervals until the form closes, at which time we will presume that you do not wish to attend.
    • Choosing not to register to attend your ceremony or not completing the form before the published closing date means that we will not include you in our mailings with further information about the ceremony, how to purchase guest tickets etc. Please note that late registrants cannot be guaranteed a seat in the theatre once the ticket sale (for the guest tickets) has started.
    • If you have registered for the ceremony but are no longer able to attend, please be so kind to deregister by sending us an email via IBAPM@rsm.nl




  • Here’s a schedule of the day’s events:

    12:00  Check-in + ceremonial dressing - main entrance the New Luxor Theater, graduates only (please don't be late!)
    12:30  Group pictures graduates only
    13:00  Forming of line-up (rehearsal) graduates only
    13:45  Doors open for guests (check-in / ticket pick-up)
    14:00  Opening reception for family and other guests
    14:15  Group photo moment for family and friends
    14:40  Guests enter the theater, graduates line up for grand entrance
    15:00  Official opening of the ceremony
    17:30  Cocktail reception
    18:30  End of reception

  • Is there a dress code for the graduation ceremony?

    You will all be wearing caps and gowns for the ceremony (which you will receive from us when you check in), but it is important to know that the gowns are not floor length.  That means that your pants and shoes will show! There is no formal dress code, but given the important nature of the event, dressy attire is always welcome. 

    Please note: the gowns have to be returned after the ceremony when you pick up your coat at the coat check. You may keep the cap & tassel.

    Will a photographer be present?

    Group pictures will be taken by a professional photographer starting at 12:30, so it’s important that you check-in on time! Individual photos on podium will also be taken.  You will receive a link to the photos a few weeks after the ceremony.

  • Graduates who are in need of additional information are advised to contact Chantal de Groot or Stella Li via ibapm@rsm.nl.