IBA courses as electives for EUR students – How to Apply

Elective students can register for up to 2 IBA courses per academic year. There are separate deadlines for each trimester, meaning you can register for trimester 4/5/6/8/9 courses after the start of the academic year. Please respect the deadlines listed below in order to ensure that your request can be processed before classes begin.

The 2017-2018 schedules will be published on the IBA current students' website mid July. Course descriptions, schedules, etc. can be found via: https://courses.eur.nl/#/ . Please check your schedules before registering for courses as to avoid any unnecessary overlaps.   The trimesters begin on the following dates:

  •  4th trimester = starts 4 September, 2017

Deadline for registering for a trimester 4 elective course: 7 August, 2017

  •  5th & 8th trimester = 8 January, 2018

Deadline for registering for a trimester 5 or 8 elective course: 8 December, 2017

  •  6th & 9th trimester = 2 April, 2018

Deadline for registering for a trimester 6 or 9 elective course: 9 March, 2018


Admission Requirements

IBA courses are only open to students who:

  • meet the mathematics admission requirements for the BSc IBA programme (see www.rsm.nl/bsciba)
  • are currently enrolled in an English-language bachelor’s programme.
  • can submit a permission letter from their faculty’s Examination Board to receive credits for the           IBA course(s) for which they wish to register.

Registration procedure

If you meet the admission requirements and have decided to take courses within the IBA programme then you can register for max two IBA courses by submitting the form together with the following required documents: 

  • Permission letter from your own faculty’s Examination Board to follow this course as an elective
  • Grade transcript (PDF from Osiris) which includes the amount of ECTS you have acquired thus far
  • Proof of Enrolment for the 2017-2018 academic year
  • Proof of mathematics proficiency 

Please note that there are only a select number of spots available per course.

If you have submitted all of the necessary documents, meet the admission requirements, and the number of accepted elective students has not been exceeded, then you will receive a confirmation email from IBA Programme Management indicating the course(s) for which you have registered. IBA Programme Management will register you for the courses via Osiris which will give you access to the respective Canvas channels and will register you for the course’s examination(s) (excluding the re-sit exam).

For access to the timetable and important messages about the course, you can subscribe yourself to the relevant SIN-Online course channels. Please note that subscription to a SIN-online channel does not mean that you are registered for the course!

If you do not meet the requirements or if you have not been granted permission to follow a course due to capacity restrictions you will be notified by email (sent to your student email address).