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Deep Dive N° One - Thursday 25 April - Blockchain x Transparency

Slowly but steadily, each product’s full social and environmental history becomes accessible and this is key for circular business models, Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. But then, transparency also creates competitive and reputation risks. How to act? And what’s the role of blockchain technology in this? It might be a secure way to register events and provide supply chain data insights, but the immutability can be pretty scary. What if your mistakes are out there, forever? Insiders have high hopes of so called ‘self sovereign identities’ - enabling users to authorise specific partners to access specific parts of their profiles and data sets. This makes a lot of sense from a privacy or a business intelligence angle, but would it suffice for our transparency standards?

Impression of the the first Deep Dive on Thursday 25 April at Venture Café on Stationsplein in Rotterdam.

Moderator: Bart Krull

Pictures: ©️Aad Hoogendoorn 2019

Experts in Deep Dive N° One

Business reality in international supply chains

Paul Smits

CFO, Port of Rotterdam

Trust and digital tools in supply chains

Merieke Stevens

Associate Professor, Rotterdam School of Management 

How to move forward in Blockchain 

Aljosja Beije 

Logistics & technology lead Blocklab

Different transparency paradigms

Dr. Sjoerd van Tuinen

Associate Professor of philosophy at Erasmus School of Philosophy