Communication with Power and Impact blog #1: Meetings

No meeting takes place in a vacuum. Most of the time, the players in a meeting already know each oth

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My initial intention for this blog entry was to focus exclusively on patience but then, a little ove

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A friend recently wrote a poem for her children as part of the Dutch Sinterklaas tradition. It was v

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The financial sector in both Eastern Europe and the Nordics is characterised by a strong presence of

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Good news!! I had a scan last week and the doctors are confident that the medication is working and

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The Netherlands is often seen from the outside as a very progressive country, and that’s true when y

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Most of us that have lived full lives, have made choices that have benefited ourselves and have bene

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In spite of living with cancer for over twenty years, no treatment so far has stopped me from doing

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But can women really lead?