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What does a typical career look like?

Although there is a wide variety of different career paths, most IBA graduates choose careers in careers in consulting (47%), finance and accounting (29%), Information Technology (9%), Consumer goods (8%), or Logistics (7%).

The largest majority of students prefers to first do a master degree to obtain specialist skills and knowledge before continuing with their careers. Of these students, over 90% are employed within 6 months after graduation

A quarter of IBA graduates take a gap year after their studies to travel or to gain more experience through internships, exchanges, board years, or other personal projects.

Meet RSM's Alumni

Maksut Gavazv

Maksut is co-founder and owner of a outsourcing and offshoring company. He graduated from the IBA in 2016, and completed an MSc in Business Information Management at RSM in 2019.

Alexander Stromberg

After his IBA in 2018, Alexander followed an MSc in Finance & Investments at RSM – but he had already founded his first company at age 13. After his MSc, Alexander co-founded another company, Apolix, focusing on tech, finance, and data processing.

Jan Niegsch

Jan graduated from the IBA in 2018, then did a one-year MSc in Business Information Management at RSM. He joined the Siemens Graduate Program and focused on digitalisation, automation and data-based decision making in logistics. He is now Lean Specialist Pull Control with Siemens in Germany.

Inès Jürgens

Inès followed her 2018 IBA with an MSc in Supply Chain Management at RSM in 2019. Her internships and student positions in logistics helped her to join Advantest as a global process engineer.

Francesco Gabbani

After his IBA in 2018 with an internship with Expedia in Rome, Francesco followed the MSc in Strategic Entrepreneurship at RSM, and is now leading the Italian sales team at Amenitiz, a software service for the hospitality industry.

Get coaching from alumni

The MentorMe platform connects current students and RSM alumni through mentoring because it helps current students and recent graduates to prepare for their future. If you are an RSM graduate and you volunteer to become a mentor, it can also help you to become a better manager, or improve the way you deal with teams and colleagues.

Some of the benefits include: 

  • Take the hassle out of networking and talk directly to someone who’s been there and done that
  • Have actual company and industry insiders critique your resume and/or cover letter
  • Practice for your big interview with former company insiders who can tell you how to land the job

RSM MentorMe

Your alumni community is here to help. Make a positive change with support from people who’ve been there.