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Before embarking on their new strategic direction, Dutch organisation Royal Cosun (Cosun) recognised the necessity of a custom leadership programme. One that would foster long-term leadership success and help Cosun to effectively steer their company into the future and sustain their path to success in the Netherlands and beyond. They approached Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) to design a programme that would meet their specific requirements. Going beyond a one-size-fits-all approach, RSM co-created a curriculum with Cosun tailored to the company’s unique needs, ensuring a targeted and effective leadership development journey.

About Cosun

Royal Cosun is a leading agricultural cooperative in the Netherlands that has created high-quality plant-based products since 1899.

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At RSM, we are renowned amongst others for our outstanding reputation in customised leadership programmes. After reviewing their objectives, we sat down together with Cosun and crafted a comprehensive leadership programme that customised existing modules from the business school and aligned them with Cosun’s goals. 

The result up to now? A leadership programme that has been a game-changer for line managers all across Cosun’s diverse business units, with a focus on personal leadership, strategy and sustainable innovation that has equipped Cosun managers with the tools they needed to further excel. 

Cosun's programme in a nutshell

The journey

To date, 62 participants have completed the programme, dedicating 16 hours per week to mastering the modules. This journey was not only educational, but also confrontational at times, and overall thoroughly enjoyable. 


Every nine months since September 2022 a new wave of Consun employees kick-off their intensive and rewarding learning journey.


All sessions have been held at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) campus, except for an unforgettable 24-hour “Meet the Marines” leadership expedition, which pushed participants to their limits and fostered better understanding and resilience. 

Cosun has seen that RSM delivered more than just a basic programme. Their line managers have received a learning experience that has merged growth, challenges and inspiration to help them build a community and transform leadership from the ground up.

Leadership is the foundation of positive change.

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Real stories, real growth

“Each Wave was like a cup of good coffee,” remarked Jan Janse, senior programme manager HR development, referring to the blend of diverse participants from the various business units. “After each wave, we engaged in impact projects, which were co-created with the Cosun board. Designed to be meaningful and impactful, these projects showcased the synergy between us and RSM’s faculty, creating a flow of development from one wave to the next.”


Unlocking leadership potential

Royal Cosun found immense value in the programme, which equipped leaders with essential tools to drive company change. Jacco Slegers, corporate development manager: “The RSM programme helped me to connect with leaders from various business groups, beyond the usual project interactions. The Meet the Marines expedition gave us all a deeper learning and bigger sense of camaraderie. And the impact projects facilitated social interaction and practical application of the skills we had learned.”


Achievements that speak volumes

The primary goal of this custom leadership programme was to ensure effective strategy execution by developing capable leaders at Cosun. Engagement surveys assessed leadership quality and management support, reflecting the programme's deeper objectives. RSM's advisory role and innovative interventions proved invaluable in helping Royal Cosun on the way to achieving its strategic ambitions.

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