A group of 12 managers from real estate, construction and engineering group TBI Holdings completed a customised executive education programme which ran from mid-2015 to mid-2016. The group’s companies had been involved in projects including the construction of Rotterdam’s Markthal, and the renovation of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

The overall aim of the programme was to challenge and develop TBI managers from sales, operations, finance, IT, purchasing and logistics to prepare them for future senior leadership positions within TBI’s companies.

While the participants were experienced in their fields of expertise, TBI wanted to provide them with business theory and skills on innovation, strategy, sustainability, finance and leadership. In addition, RSM helped develop their creativity and self-sufficiency, intrapreneurship, business acumen, initiative, the ability to sell a vision, and lead in an effective and empathic way.

The RSM Diploma Programme consisted of four two- to three-day modules about business management, connected by a strategic project which was the red thread throughout the programme. Participants attended modules about business model innovation, strategic management, sustainability, and financial management. RSM also guided and supervised the project groups.

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