In today’s swiftly changing business landscape, investing in your workforce is more than essential—it's a strategic imperative. Company training programmes can unlock immense potential, but their true value is realised only when supported by a strategic approach that delves deeper than the superficial. At Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), we don't just prioritise—we integrate, ensuring that your management development programme is not merely an educational experience but a transformative one that bestows tangible benefits on your organisation. By engaging in a thorough needs analysis process, we focus not merely on workforce development but on spurring overall organisational growth and resilience.

Understanding needs analysis

At the core of any effective company training and organisational development initiative lies a robust needs analysis—a strategic exploration into the very heart of your organisation's unique requirements. This structured approach is essential to identifying the gaps and aligning training initiatives with both your immediate objectives and long-term goals. At RSM, we reject the one-size-fits-all mentality. Instead, we devise bespoke programmes that are meticulously tailored to meet your specific challenges and aspirations, turning potential into excellence.

How we implement the needs analysis process

Identifying your needs

Our journey begins with an in-depth dialogue to discover what your organisation aspires to achieve. What are the milestones you aim to reach, and how can a well-crafted training strategy propel you towards those objectives? By crystallising your business needs, your performance needs, your learning needs and your experience needs, we ensure that our training programmes not just align but resonate with your long-term vision, creating an environment where growth is not just envisioned but enacted.

Engaging stakeholders

To fully understand your organisation's training needs, we look beyond the boardroom, engaging with a variety of stakeholders. By including perspectives from potential participants, line managers, and senior executives, we compile a multidimensional view that ensures the training we deliver is both practical and impactful, resonating with your employees and in line with your organisational ethos.

Defining learning requirements

With a wealth of insights, we then define the precise knowledge, skills, and behaviours that your employees need to adopt to propel your organisation forward. What competencies are crucial for them to succeed and contribute significantly to your company's narrative of success? By focusing on these key competencies, our training ensures a targeted development of your human resources. We also ensure to set clear objectives: Impact objectives to measure the desired impact on your business; application objectives to understand the behavioural change needed for impact to be made; the learning objectives to set clear goals for what knowledge and skills need to change; and the experience objectives to ensure the programme experience supports learning.

Customised programmes

Informed by the detailed needs analysis, we meticulously craft training programmes that are as unique as your organisation. Every element, from the curriculum to the delivery methods, is carefully selected to maximise impact, engagement, and relevance to your business context.

Measuring impact

Our commitment to your organisation's development goes beyond the delivery of the training programme. After the training, we undertake a thorough evaluation to assess the programme's impact on your organisation, using our set objectives. We examine the application of knowledge gained, the behavioural changes made, and their effect on your organisation's performance metrics. This detailed assessment ensures that the training we provide leads to genuine, lasting improvements.

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