How can your organisation make a positive impact? The prospect of tackling the significant societal challenges on an organisational level can be overwhelming, but investing in the skills and capabilities of your people makes it an entirely achievable endeavour. 

Positive change starts small, and grows when your teams are equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to think and act sustainably. 

RSM's customised and in-company programmes for organisations are designed to transform your workforce into changemakers, confident to make strides in sustainable progress and empower your organisation to deliver value for people and the planet. 

What does a sustainable future of business look like?

Sustainable leadership

Positive impact doesn't just happen in a vacuum. It takes thoughtful leadership and skilful change management from senior teams that have the ability to inspire and spark positive transformation within your organisation. 

Sustainable technology

Sustainable technology is one of the fastest growing verticals in Europe. With business and technology inextricably linked, organisations must have a workforce equipped with the tools to lead sustainable innovations.

Sustainable finance

Financial institutions are rapidly adapting to a more sustainable economic model, and the principles of investing and lending are being transformed. Every organisational investment is now an opportunity to make a positive impact. 

Sustainable strategy

With the Sustainable Development Goals as a world-leading framework, organisations are more equipped than ever to address environmental issues with smart, strategic responses that blend business and sustainability.

Your sustainability experts

All of our sustainability programmes are built from the cutting-edge knowledge and practical tools developed by our RSM experts. Made up of renowned academic researchers and industry leaders from around the world, RSM's experts have a diverse range of specialist knowledge in areas such as green strategy, sustainable finance and long-term value creation. Below are just a few of our experts in sustainability.

Prof. Dirk Schoenmaker

Dirk Schoenmaker is a professor of banking and finance at RSM, and a fellow at the Brussels-based think-tank Bruegel. He studies sustainable finance, central banking, financial supervision and stability, and European banking. Dirk’s teaching aims to incorporate sustainability and new, integrated thinking into mainstream finance. He also wrote books on this topic. Dirk obtained his PhD at London School of Economics.

Dr Steve Kennedy

Steve Kennedy is Associate Professor of Business Sustainability at RSM. His research approaches how systems and resilience thinking can help organizations innovate to tackle grand societal challenges such as climate change and biodiversity loss. Beyond this, he is also the Scientific Director of the Centre for Eco-Transformation, and is an active member of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) network.

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