Listen to our podcasts to find out more about our Executive Master in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance (EMC) programme. In our podcasts we discuss different topics such as: why you should do an EMC, what does the EMC journey look like, what the EMC has done for the careers of our alumni and how the knowledge and skills acquired during the EMC helped with that. So no matter what phase of your EMC journey you are in, there is always a podcast to listen to for you.

In this episode Frank Heijmann, faculty member of the Integration Project, shares more about what this project entails, why it is part of this Master of Science programme and how this helps students put their knowledge into practice.

‘The students are actually working on real life cases. So they’re cases that involve multiple countries, multiple businesses, multiple borders that need to be crossed. So different formalities, with tax administrations, customs administrations. Sometimes even other authorities, like food, health and safety authorities. All kinds of problems and challenges their businesses are facing.’

In this podcast we discuss the course Customs Law, why it’s part of the Executive Master Customs and Supply Chain Compliance, how the course is designed and what it is that makes this a unique MSc Programme!

‘Most of our students already work in Customs, or International Trade Compliance, so that is of course a plus. If you have that experience and that knowledge, then that’s a good basis to come to our Master.’ - Professor Walter de Wit, faculty member Customs Law.

In this podcast Professor Yao-Hua Tan explains why this course is part of this Masters programme, what the course design looks like and how easily accessible it is, even if you don’t have a technical background.

‘The students should be able to fully understand what is going on in IT, when it comes to the Customs profession, including to some extent data analytics and artificial intelligence. But they are not supposed to build it themselves. They don’t need to be technical experts’ - Professor Yao-hua Tan, Programme Director and faculty member of IT and Auditing.

The Executive Master Customs and Supply Chain compliance provides learnings on how you can improve effectiveness and efficiency of customs supervision and how to create mutual understanding among parties from diverse backgrounds.

‘The kind of cases that we use in the course are inspired by current developments. We see that the Government and also authorities like Customs and the Food and Safety authority, are pushing forward in directions that are ground breaking’ - Rob Zuidwijk, faculty member Supply Chain Management and Logistics.

‘We complement a generic level of knowledge with a lot of assignments and case materials that we gather from our experience, our teachings and from students as well. We are usually overwhelmed by problems that students are trying to tackle in their daily business,' says Albert Veenstra, Academic Director of the Executive Master