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Complaints procedure

Within the RSM Executive Education team, we do our utmost to satisfy any reasonable expectations you may have as a participant in one of our programmes and as a valued ambassador for of our education services. Nevertheless, should you feel dissatisfied about a specific issue, we kindly request that you first discuss it in person with your study’s Programme Manager.  

Filing your complaint 
Our team takes your complaints very seriously. We do everything in our power to arrive at a solution and/or explanation that satisfies everyone involved. In cases where you believe that your complaint cannot be resolved via personal consultation, you have the option of filing an official complaint. When dealing with your complaint, the Executive Education team adheres to the following procedure: 

Complaints relating to products and/or services provided by the Executive Education team must be submitted in writing to the Executive Office Manager of Rotterdam School of Management BV no later than 30 days after the end of the programme or module and accompanied by a written substantiation.  

Important to note  
Once this term has expired, it is assumed that you are in agreement with the provided products and/or services and that you have surrendered all rights and authorities granted to you in this context by law and/or contract.  
Please note that lodging a complaint has no consequences for your obligations to pay for the provided products and/or services. 

Please ensure your complaint includes the following information: 

  1. Your name, address and city; 
  2. The date of signing; 
  3. A clear description of the nature of your complaint; 
  4. The date, time and location of the provision of the product and/or service; 
  5. Your reasons for lodging a complaint; and 
  6. Your signature. 

Timely complaints will be taken under advisement and settled within four weeks of their date of receipt. 

Complaints Board

Do you disagree with how your complaint has been settled? Please turn to the complaints board. The complaints board has been authorised by the Executive Board of Rotterdam School of Management BV to attend to complaints on its behalf.  

Filing your appeal 
Appeals against the settlement of a complaint which has followed the above procedure should be submitted to the complaints board in writing. This must be accompanied by a written substantiation and turned in no later than four weeks after the date of receipt of the Executive Office Manager's answer.  

Important to note 
Once these four weeks have expired, it is assumed that you are in agreement with the settlement of your complaint and that you have surrendered all rights and authorities granted to you in this context by law and/or contract. 
Complaints board members
The complaints board consists of the following members: 

  • drs. Wilfred Mijnhardt, Chair (Policy Director, Rotterdam School of Management);
  • Mariapia Di Palma (Manager Registrar Office, Rotterdam School of Management BV)

The ruling 
The complaints board will take up and issue its ruling on submitted complaints within four weeks of the date of receipt. Rotterdam School of Management BV shall commit itself to the ruling of the complaints board. If it turns out that the handling of a complaint will take longer than the term set out in the above procedure, the original term will be extended, and the claimant will be informed in writing, within the original term, of the reason for, and the length of, the extension. 

All complaints are handled with strict confidentiality. Dossiers relating to complaints are kept for a period of 12 months.

Please address your complaint to:
Jaklien Woerlee
Executive Office Manager
Rotterdam School of Management BV
Bayle Building/Room J4-51
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50
3062 PA Rotterdam 

Please address your appeal to:
Drs. Wilfred Mijnhardt
Policy Director
Rotterdam School of Management
Erasmus University
Mandeville Building/Room T6-32
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50
3062 PA Rotterdam

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