We are continuously carefully monitoring the situation around the Coronavirus. Following the current measurements, we are gradually returning to campus in Rotterdam. Some programmes will continue to take place online delivering the same quality and experience you expect from RSM.

Delivering high-quality education online

Our 50 years of experience have allowed us to design online programmes that deliver the exact same in content and ensure an optimal learning experience for you.

We guarantee the same quality in our virtual classroom:

  • You can ask the facilitator questions.
  • You have the possibility to connect with peers online; discussion and engagement is a vital part of learning, and is encourages, stimulated and facilitated in the virtual classroom.
  • Interact with your fellow participants via group assignments in virtual breakout rooms.

"Interaction and discussions with other participants in both in the forums and the Zoom sessions made me gain different perspectives as I also learned from challenges faced in other industries."

What participants say about our virtual classroom

Initially I had doubts about the online nature of the programme: would it be as interactive and as much of a learning journey as an in-person course? I can now confirm "Yes!". The course was highly interactive, using virtual discussion boards and two live sessions in which we exchanged opinions and connected in person with the course participants.

Elizabeth Pixopoulou

Elizabeth Pixopoulou

This was the first fully online course that I took and I wasn’t quite sure what the structure would be or how we would cover each module. I was very pleased with the set up and how each topic was covered. I enjoyed that each module was not a replica of the one before it in terms of content presentation and exercises; yet everything together was still very cohesive.

Krista Albers, merchant for men’s lifestyle apparel at Nike

Krista Albers

I have been enjoying the virtual classroom very much so far. I was curious to see how the programme would be translated into an online setting instead of a traditional classroom but I must admit that the sessions so far have exceeded my initial expectations. Keep up the good work!

Athina Papadopoulou, Operations & Projects Officer, LIBER Europe

Athina Papadopoulou

Online Networking

Connect with peers online! Discussion and engagement is a vital part of learning, during our virtual classroom this will be stimulated and facilitated in most programmes.


Future-proof your career. Learning online will add to your skillset and encourages you to become more comfortable in collaborating and presenting in a virtual environment.

Work & Learn

Studying online is easily accessible, wherever you are. This makes it ideal to combine your work and studies. Learnings gained from the virtual classroom can be applied directly to your daily job.

What happens next?

We are gradually returning to campus in Rotterdam. For programmes taking place face-to-face, there is a plan in place to offer you a safe learning environment. You can read more about that here. RSM rigorously follows Erasmus University’s general instructions for managing  the coronavirus. We cannot guarantee a certain delivery format, since we will always adhere to the measures by the Dutch government to assure your health and safety. If the future situation does not allow for face-to-face programme delivery, we will notify you that your registration transfers to participation in a ‘virtual classroom’ version of the same programme that you have registered for. If you do not wish to participate in that virtual version of the programme, please tell us as soon as possible via openprogrammes@rsm.nl.

Where can I find the most updated information?

Erasmus University Rotterdam has published guidance and advice to staff and students, consistent with the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and the information from comparable institutes abroad. This information is available in both Dutch and English.