We would like to inform all future applicants to the Research Master in Business and Management that ERIM has initiated all necessary processes to terminate the programme. The University Council of Erasmus University Rotterdam supports this decision. Please be advised that the last intake of students was in autumn 2020.

Yawen Qui

The Research Master in Business and Management is specifically designed for academically talented and motivated students who would like to combine education in a specialisation area of their choice with the challenges of undertaking research in that field. 

Choose to study for a Research Master in Business and Management with ERIM and you’ll combine a wide-ranging education in a particular area of management with the challenge of research in this field.

The programme is fully customised to meet your needs, help you maximise your potential and develop your academic and business skills. With no more than 30 fellow students, it offers individual supervision, a highly personal approach and the opportunity to investigate your chosen subject in great depth. The amount and composition of the course work depends on the candidate’s specific educational background and individual profile. The entire programme is taught in English by some of the most distinguished management research academics in the world.

ERIM's research master programme provides perfect preparation for a PhD in either Management or Business. And if you wish to move into the wider world of business, it’s the ideal stepping stone to undertaking research at a large company, consultancy firm or educational institute. We provide several ways of financial support to our students during their stay at ERIM. This includes tuition fee waivers, scholarships, and research assistantships. 


Studying at ERIM as a research master student is definitely a wonderful experience. I have about 20 highly-talented and ambitious colleagues to talk about my research interests and share my life with. The ERIM research master programme is well designed and quite flexible - the courses can be tailored to meet individual needs. Besides, ERIM encourages us to work with professors from both Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) and Erasmus School of Economics (ESE), which is a unique opportunity as we, students, actually get involved in the top-tier research at RSM and ESE. I enjoy my life here at ERIM, and I am glad that I decided to study here.

Zhengguo Gu, 2nd year ERIM Research Master, specialisation in Marketing

Zhengguo Gu

After my bachelor in Industrial Engineering, I doubted between an academic and a business career. I didn’t want to apply directly to a PhD programme, because I thought studying 4 more years was a big commitment. Then I learned about the ERIM research master programme, which offers a master degree in my specialization, but also concentrates on research. My biggest doubt about continuing in the academia was my inability to do research. This master programme made me realize that I was really not able to execute a research project properly, simply because no one had taught me how to do this before. It was during this Research Master that I had a chance to work on several research projects as a student assistant and this helped me experience real research and understand what I like to do in the future. This, together with the research seminars, gave me the opportunity to find my current PhD project. Now I can say I am really pleased and proud to be part of the ERIM programme at Erasmus University. I hope that I can continue my career at ERIM also after I finish my PhD.

Basak Manders, PhD Candidate in Information Management at RSM, ERIM Research Master alumna

Basak Manders

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