"For me, this year has been all about personal growth and doing the RSM MBA has handed me unexpected ways to do that”, says Katy Tran (Vietnam, Full-time MBA’21).

“I had worked abroad before, in Cyprus, as an accountant. But being surrounded by people from so many countries and backgrounds was new to me. It has really forced me to unpack all the assumptions I had about myself and others.”

Living Management Project

“I tend to have a very structured style and I like clear processes. In projects such as our Living Management Project, I collaborated with people whose style was more improvisational, for example in presentations. I have learned to trust that others will solve their own challenges and deliver in their own way.”

“Vice-versa, in those projects I also noticed how I am seen as a natural and clear communicator. The role of facilitator seems to suit me very well. I have really learned to be comfortable and to speak up, without feeling judged all the time. On the other hand, I am also happy to take a step back so that others can have their say. One of my main personal and professional goals, I discovered this year, is to help others’ development.”

Confidence boost

“This boost in confidence carries over to my personal life. I have become more open in trying out new stuff. For example, I started playing volleyball with my classmates, a thing I don’t mind being actually really bad at, haha.”

“Honestly, this openness helped me when the Covid-19 pandemic radically changed everything, including our MBA year. Like many others, I picked up cooking and working out, but I also decided to run a meditation group for my cohort to support them coping with the stress. Others stepped in as well and offered free coaching, for example.”

“So yes, the classroom experience and academic insights you will get during an MBA year are invaluable. But how it changes you on a more fundamental level, really comes down to how you take advantage of the welcoming international environment to develop yourself.”



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