Mastering International Business and Leadership in the Full-time MBA Programme

Bing, an international student from Tokyo, shares his transformative journey in the Full-time MBA programme (FTMBA) at one of the leading business schools in the Netherlands. 

The Full-Time MBA Degree: A Deep Dive into Consultancy Projects

One of the most impactful aspects of Bing's MBA experience was his involvement in a consultancy project. This real-world assignment is a hallmark of the FTMBA programme, providing students like Bing with the opportunity to tackle real business problems. It's a practical approach that sets apart RSM's FTMBA, allowing students to apply their theoretical knowledge to actual business scenarios.

Exploring Corporate Social Responsibility in International Context

A significant highlight of Bing's journey was his study trip focusing on corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Costa Rica. This trip was part of the MBA's international business curriculum, designed to broaden students' perspectives on global business practices and the importance of sustainability. Experiences like these exemplify the commitment of MBA programmes to integrate CSR into their curriculum, preparing future leaders to make responsible and ethical decisions.

Engaging with Fellow Students and Industry Leaders

Throughout his MBA journey, Bing's interaction with fellow students and industry experts played a crucial role in her learning experience. These interactions, facilitated by the MBA programme, helped him gain diverse insights into leadership and management. The programme's focus on group work and networking provides an invaluable platform for students to learn from each other’s work experience and cultural backgrounds.

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The Role of Business Schools in Shaping Future Leaders

Business schools in the Netherlands, particularly those offering full-time MBA programmes, are recognised for their emphasis on developing leadership skills in an international context. These programmes offer a rigorous curriculum that challenges students to think critically about global business issues and develop solutions for complex problems.

Transformative Leadership Journey

This focus on personal leadership development is separate from the academic coursework and is designed to help you emerge as a more confident and effective manager and leader. It's a transformative journey that sets the RSM Full-Time MBA programme apart.

Conclusion: The Impact of a Full-Time MBA

Bing's experience in the full-time MBA programme highlights the multifaceted benefits of pursuing an MBA degree. From consultancy projects that address real business problems to the exploration of corporate social responsibility in international settings, the programme offers a comprehensive education that molds students into well-rounded business leaders. For any international student considering an MBA, programmes like the one Bing attended offer an invaluable opportunity to gain global business insights, leadership skills, and a network of diverse professionals, setting them on a path to success in the business world.

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