Join us for our dynamic webinar series, "Exploring Coaching and PLD in MBA Programmes at RSM," happening in June 2024! 

These three 1-hour webinars are designed to delve into essential topics: "Understanding Coaching," "Coaching and PLD," and "The Impact of Coaching and PLD." Led by Hetty Brand-Boswijk, an accredited professional certified coach and RSM's Director of Coaching/Lead, these sessions offer invaluable insights for aspiring students interested in the Personal Leadership Development (PLD) and coaching aspects of our MBA programmes. 

Whether you're considering a career change, seeking professional growth, or embracing new challenges, our webinar series provides a comprehensive understanding of how our programmes can shape your future.

Make sure to attend all three webinars to maximize your learning experience! Don't miss this opportunity to gain a deep understanding of coaching within the context of MBA programmes at RSM.

Register now and embark on an enriching journey towards personal and professional success!

Understanding Coaching

11 June 2024

Coaching and PLD

18 June 2024

The Impact of Coaching and PLD

25 June 2024