Embark on your MBA journey in the Netherlands with our exclusive webinar—a step-by-step guide tailored for students in Latin America. Discover the intricacies of pursuing an MBA, from navigating the admissions process to thriving during your MBA year, immersing yourself in life in the Netherlands, and accessing valuable career support and opportunities.

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  • come from Latin America
  • Aspire to pursue a top-tier MBA in Europe
  • Have a keen interest in securing a career in Europe post-graduation

Are you from Latin America and interested in pursuing a top MBA in Europe?

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Maria Tsachli

MBA Recruitment & Admissions Manager at RSM

Hilary Lemieux

RSM MBA representative

Juan Jose Castillo

Full-time MBA Class of 2024

Assistant Procurement Manager at Unilever

Andrés Herrero Ramos

MBA Class of 2024

Strategy consultant

Ana Fernanda Medina

Full-time MBA Class of 2024

FMCG Customer Marketeer