Good for you. Good for your business.

When your organisation invests in your talent, it’s also investing in its future.

The RSM Executive MBA unlocks your fullest potential, broadening your perspective and empowering you with new understanding, next-level leadership competencies and the insights, energy and commitment to inspire others – and make an unprecedented impact on your business.

Almost 40% of our Executive MBA students are actively sponsored by their employers – forward-thinking organisations who truly understand that competitive edge and long-term prosperity are driven by human talent.

Investing in the RSM Executive MBA delivers a raft of benefits to your business.

Accelerating leadership development and maximising impact from the get-go

Our Executive MBA fast-tracks the development of critical leadership competencies, tools and attitudes. As high-potential executives, you are immersed in a learning experience that is both transformative and uniquely hands-on. The part-time format means that you have the opportunity to translate theory and concept into practice at the workplace. New insights, ideas and innovative approaches are constantly tested and brought to bear on your day-to-day operations, while the In-Company Project gives you a chance to leverage new learning to address a real-world challenge your company faces. The result? Impact as immediate and tangible as it is game-changing – from day one.

Connecting to a global community of business excellence

When you take our Executive MBA, your organisation taps into all the resources of Rotterdam School of Management – a global ecosystem of best practices, unique business insights, world-class research, faculty expertise and a network of leading firms, institutions and organisations that is second to none. You join a community of excellence with the unique benefits that only a top-tier school at the forefront of business education can deliver.

Driving loyalty, commitment and sustainability

Investing in talent is also an investment in loyalty and commitment to your organisation. We know that that majority of our Executive MBA students commit to loyalty agreements with their employers that last up to four years following completion of the programme. In fact, most employers report full return on investment in the programme within 17 months of inception thanks to the accelerated performance and impact of their people and the expanded networking opportunities we offer organisations.

There are many ways your employers can support you in pursuing the RSM Executive MBA. Mentorship, the In-Company Project and/or tax-deductible sponsorship via the financing of tuition fees and expenses are just some of the ways that our organisations invest in their executives.

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