The transition into a strategic leadership role often represents a break with the past and a step into practices, routines, and responsibilities that are fundamentally different from those left behind. The Strategic Leadership Development (SLD) track focuses on the development of the skills and attitudes that managers will need to bring to the table to successfully serve as a strategic leader. These skills and attitudes comprise both personal leadership (PL) and a strategic leadership component (SL).

  • Personal Leadership (PL)

    The PL component seeks to develop the foundational leadership competencies (skills and attitudes) that individuals need to function as a leader of organisations and/or teams. The programme also covers mindsets of ecological well-being, power & politics, and a deeply engrained sense of purpose.

  • Strategic Leadership (SL)

    The SL component, in contrast, includes those competencies (skills and attitudes) that managers need to fulfil in a role as strategic leaders of the business as a whole.

  • A curriculum design for you – right from the start

    You will experience both components of the SLD track, and will be given ample opportunity to reflect on your past and your future as an aspiring strategic leader of the business. 

  • Strategic Leadership Development Plan

    The execution of your personalised Strategic Leadership Development Plan will be supported by a programme mentor (an RSM faculty member) as well as a selected number of peers (fellow participants) that comprise a so-called ‘intervision’ group. 

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