Claire Koplimaa

Global Executive MBA Class of 2024


Chief of staff to the CEO at Qventus

Ayoub Saboumazrag

Global Executive MBA Class of 2024


SVP Global IT & Group Deputy CIO at Majorel

On campus, events and clubs

MBAT in Paris

Never a dull moment 

RSM is a diverse community. Your class is 97 per cent international and your classmates can lend their perspectives from a range of professional backgrounds. Because our programme is set in one of the most vibrant and multicultural cities in the world, there will never be a dull moment. 

Access the energetic, enriching life beyond the classroom. Choose from a myriad of activities, events, clubs, and networking opportunities hosted by the Student Association and others.  

RSM student clubs: 

  • International cultural, social and charity club
  • Women in leadership club
  • Finance and banking club
  • Entrepreneurship club
  • Supply chain club
  • Net Impact club
  • Strategy and consulting club 
  • Marketing club 
  • Athletics club 
  • Energy club 
  • Sailing club 
  • Beer appreciation club 

There’s a lot to do on campus. Grab a coffee at the Erasmus Food Plaza, or attend an event at the theatre or Café In de Smitse. The on-campus sports centre offers fitness, dance, spinning, squash, and tennis among many other classes. And you can attend scientific, social and cultural programmes offered on campus by Studium Generale.  

Rotterdam and the Netherlands

Autumn in Rotterdam by Koen Samson

Autumn in Rotterdam

Your gateway to Europe and the world 

Explorative, diverse, mercantile, outward-looking. The Netherlands and Rotterdam offer you a cultural context to pursue your MBA unlike any other.  

By living and studying in the Netherlands, you are immersed in a tradition of cultural freedom in a country that offers significant tax incentives to those from overseas, and where more than 90 per cent of the population can speak to you in English.  

In the Netherlands, we value talent. We value diversity. We value innovation. This is why the Dutch government aims to attract knowledge and retain talent. Graduating from our MBA programme, you will be entitled to apply for an orientation year. This is a residence permit of one year which allows you to find a job, or start a business within three years of graduation. 

The Netherlands 

This is one of the safest countries in the world, according to the 2018 Global Peace index and belongs to the top 10 happiest countries in the world: the Dutch are known to value their work-life balance and have access to high-quality healthcare and schools. The country has a rich history with beautiful historic cities and the highest museum density in the world. Also, the Netherlands is the 18th largest economy in the world. Some of the world’s biggest multinationals, including Philips, Heineken, KLM, Shell, ING and Unilever, are Dutch. And we are a world leader in many areas of expertise, including agriculture, water management, art and design, logistics and sustainable energy. 


Europe’s biggest port has always welcomed trade and traders from all around the globe. A rich, entrepreneurial culture that drives innovation and interchange, and embraces diversity. Modern Rotterdam is a young, vibrant, international city; home to more than 150 different nationalities. The city is affordable, friendly, fun and infused with Dutch openness and a warmth of spirit. Rotterdam is the world’s only city with an official ’Cool District’ and it’s Europe’s new capital of cool according to CNN.  

In just three hours you can be in Paris. London and Berlin are just a five or six hour train ride away. So in this culturally rich environment, Rotterdam is not just a gateway to Europe, it is your gateway to the world. 


A home away from home 

Rotterdam stands among the great global cities of Europe, and 97 per cent of our International Full-time MBA students come from outside of the Netherlands. So you will be in good company. We aim to ease your transition from working life to business school in the Netherlands by offering as much help as we can including arranging visas and residency. We provide all kinds of services for new students, from arranging visas to finding accommodation. 

Find a place to live 

Whilst you will need to find your own accommodation in the Netherlands. Once you are admitted to our programme, our Housing Support Office will provide you with access to access to accommodation providers that will assist you in searching for your personal accommodation needs. There are housing options for couples, small families, single tenants, and cost-conscious students who don’t mind sharing common areas. We do have an agreement with a housing supplier for a limited number of reserved ground floor studio lofts and one family apartment especially reserved for RSM MBA students and these are offered on first-come-first-serve basis.

Make yourself at home 

With friendly people, a lively culture, and diverse communities all around, Rotterdam is a great location for families of all sizes. The city has a number of high-quality international schools for children and there are various types of childcare facilities available. Rotterdam has a vibrant international social scene for spouses or partners. We also offer help and support here. 

Read more about Rotterdam 

It was a pleasant surprise when I realised that RSM has actually reserved housing for students and they helped me with finding accommodation.

Sanjay Venkatesan MBA class of 2020

Partners and families

If you are moving here for your MBA and you are bringing your family, we are able to assist you and your family in applying for your visas, when needed. Whilst you will need to find your own family accommodation in the Netherlands, RSM has one reserved family apartment, subject to availability. Once admitted to the programme, the Housing Support Office will provide you with access to accommodation providers that will assist you in searching for your family apartment. Permission to live and study here in the Netherlands may vary depending on which country you come from, but you can find helpful information on the Expatica website.

If you are considering to do a Full-time MBA, you can have your family join you here. RSM can assist in finding the right accommodation for you and your family.

Sanjay Venkatesan, MBA Class of 2020


There is so much more to business school than courses, case studies and exams. At RSM we believe that quality of life is just as important to your personal growth and professional development as your formal education. 

With a diverse campus community, you will have access to an energetic, enriching life beyond the classroom. Capitalise on activities and networking opportunities hosted by the Student Association and student clubs.  

When you are not studying, enjoy exploring your new environment. From restaurants and museums to music and nightlife, there is always something to do and see in Rotterdam and the Netherlands. Cultural liberalism, tolerance and a curiosity about the world: in the Netherlands, these qualities are rooted in our history, our culture and our societal DNA. 

Best of all, the Netherlands is often ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world. You can find out why when you’re here.