Find your way after the MBA, with our Career Centre

At RSM, once you start your MBA journey, our coaches from the Career Centre are right there to guide you as you keep working towards your career goals. In today’s podcast Diana Diniz, Career Development Manager, talks about what the Career Centre can do for you, how important personal branding is and some great advice on a pitfall you should avoid during an interview.

Focus is key and allow yourself the time to really find out what you first plan is’ Diana says.

In this latest MBA Programme Podcast we discuss timing on when to work with a coach, how the Career Centre offers support, the importance of personal branding and what pitfall to avoid when interviewing. 

The topics that are covered in this podcast:
- When students should start looking for job opportunities and working with the coaches;
- What you need to know about the Career Centre;
- The importance of personal branding;
- Important skills to acquire and improve;
- A story on what to avoid during an interview.

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