Why moving to the Netherlands for an MBA at RSM is a good idea

When you graduate from RSM, you become part of our growing international network of more than 40,000 alumni from around the world. One of our alumni, Bharat Kumaraswami, intially moved from India to the UK. However, as soon as he was accepted into RSM he switched gears and moved to the Netherlands. Bharat graduated from our Full-time MBA class of 2018 and joined RSM as the Data manager.

Why did he choose the Rotterdam school of Management for his MBA? Why did he decide to pursue a career here in the Netherlands? And what advice can he give to those considering moving to the Netherlands for their MBA?

The topics that are covered in this podcast:
- Your personal journey
- Why did you decide to do your MBA at RSM?
- The biggest differences between your country to here, in terms of work-life balance, work ethic, etc.
- Looking back on your MBA and its impact on your career
- The added value of coaching
- A piece of advice

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