Insights from RSM's Recruitment & Admissions Manager: FAQs on FTMBA, GMAT, Visa Policy, and More

‘The amount of graduates that decided to stay in Europe, including the Netherlands is about 80%. So you can see that a lot of our graduates eventually decide to stay in the country and have the opportunity to do so. And that’s for many reasons. One of the main reasons I would say, is because of the very flexible visa policy that the Netherlands has as a country. Especially for highly skilled individuals.’ 

In this podcast our Recruitment & Admissions Manager, Maria Tsachli, answers some of the frequently asked questions she get in Admissions interviews. The questions that are covered in this podcast are:  

  • My age is substantially higher than 29 years, is the FTMBA the right programme for me?
  • Even though I have substantial work experience, do I still need to take the GMAT?
  • How likely is it that I can stay and work in the Netherlands after graduation?
  • I don’t have three years post-graduate experience at the moment. Can I still apply?
  • I do not have a background in business, does It still make sense to apply?
  • How is Housing arranged? Does RSM assist in this? What are your application deadlines?
  • A word of advice


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