Unleashing the Magic: Exploring the Transformative Journey of RSM's Full-time MBA

‘It’s a transformational experience (…). I really recognize that there’s some magic in the curriculum and in the journey. That is why people do an MBA. So you want to change as a person, you want to develop yourself, you want to discover new opportunities(…) You need to find out, what is the little magic in this programme, and is that the kind of magic that I’m looking for?’

Jochem Kroezen, the Academic Director of the Full-time MBA, shares what the Full-time actually has to offer. Why should you consider doing an MBA at RSM? What is it that you are looking for and could an MBA at RSM possibly be the next right move?

The topics in this podcast are:

  • The structure of the curriculum
  • What course ‘The Craft of Management’ entails and how it’s integrated into the programme
  • Personal Leadership Development
  • The Living Management Project
  • The Impact Experience
  • The Magic of the Full-time MBA

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