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In this podcast we spoke to Hans Koolen. Hans has over 30 years of experience in business and IT and is now the owner of NUB3S. Hans has been collaborating with RSM and the careers team since 2014 in sharing his knowledge with our MBA participants. 

In this episode we discuss the subject of career growth after completing an MBA, some valuable insights into what MBA students should consider when evaluating potential employers and we dive into the future of AI in the workplace. 

‘You need to be self aware. What separates you from the herd? What separates you from your classmates? I believe it's not knowledge that sets us apart. It's a couple of things. It's pride. It's your social skills. And social skills are not something that you stumble across. It's something that you can educate yourself on,' Hans shares.   

Listen to the full podcast to hear Hans's great advice for all MBA students. 

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