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Connecting Change-Makers: Exploring RSM's Alumni Network and Support Services with Joe Farthing

Joe Farthing, the Communications Manager at the Corporate & Alumni Relations Teams here at RSM shared how their team helps both students as well as alumni navigate the alumni network of over 45.000 change-makers. We spoke about the various ways you can connect with the team and the network, such as through the MentorMe Platform.

‘As you graduate, well you can still be a mentee, you can still get advice. But if you graduate you’re also eligible to be a mentor yourself. So maybe you want to give advice for that new MBA student who just arrived. Or perhaps you want to help someone who’s even a little bit earlier in their career path, and help a Bachelor or Master student as well from RSM. This is all possible, so that you can be both a mentor and a mentee(...)’

Listen to the full podcast to learn more about how the alumni team responds to the needs of current student, early graduates and graduates that are further into their post-graduate experience. The topics in this podcast are:

  • What to expect from the alumni team
  • The different needs per phase during your MBA journey
  • The MentorMe Platform
  • Whatsapp groups and how to use them to your advantage
  • The Job Board
  • ‘By the way, I’ve moved!’

You can always reach the alumni team via e-mail:


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