Transformative Learnings: Edwin Horstman Reflects on his EMBA Journey, Decision-Making, and Leadership Skills

‘Because of the EMBA I’m so much more capable of distilling questions. I learned how to dissect questions and problems. Learned to prioritize sensibly and act accordingly. And I think that’s because of a major part of the EMBA and some of the electives that I got. They made me a better decision maker.’ – Edwin Horstman, Executive MBA ’16, looks back on his EMBA journey and shares some of his learnings, the change of course he made because of the EMBA and a piece of advice for our candidates.

The topics covered in this podcast are:

  • When looking back on his EMBA journey
  • How the EMBA changes his course
  • The added value of an MBA
  • The impact on both decision-making skills and leadership skills
  • A word of advice

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