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The Personal Leadership Development (PLD) course is integrated throughout the whole Full-time MBA programme. Why is that? And what is the added value of this course and of becoming more self-aware? And how does this affect your leadership style? In this episode Björn Atterstam, Lecturer and PHD candidate at Rotterdam School of Management, answers these questions and more, about the PLD course.

‘In general when you are at work and working with colleagues, etc. It has less to do with what you know and it has more to do with who you are and how you are when you are with other people in particular. So the PLD experience invites you to really drill down into, or explore more about yourself. So that you can be more skilled, in general in life (…) and also more skilled in when you are with other people.’ Björn Atterstam.

Listen to the full episode, to learn more about this amazing course, that truly distinguished this Full-time MBA programme from others.

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