Navigating Career Success: Insights from Meghan McKinnon on RSM's Career Centre and Coaching Services

In this podcast Meghan McKinnon, one of RSM’s Career Development Managers, shares how the career centre helps guide and coach our current students during their MBA journey.

‘We focus on four primary areas, so the first one is self-awareness. That’s knowing who you are, that’s knowing where your skill-sets lie, where your strengths are, what you really enjoy doing. And often times as we just go through our career, we don’t really step back and think about these things and evaluate them. So we do spend quite a lot of time on that.’

Listen to the full podcast to learn more about how our career center is there for our students, as soon as they embark on their MBA journey.

The topics in this podcast are:

  • Coaching and positioning yourself in the job-market
  • Coaching every individual student, regardless of their journey
  • How does the Career Centre offer support and coaching?
  • The skills every MBA candidate needs
  • A word of advice

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