In this podcast we dive into the story of Moustafa Youssef, one of our current Executive MBA students, class of ‘25. Moustafa grew up in Dubai, where his career was centered around civil engineering, project management and strategic planning and development. He joined the Executive MBA to explore different career opportunities and to broaden his horizon.

‘I’m driven by three things. I'm driven by passion, responsibility and curiosity. My passion for management, team leading and being a better leader and my responsibility towards the world, the place where I live and how to make it better, motivated me to do an Executive MBA,' Moustafa shares. 

Listen to the podcast to learn more about the EMBA journey so far and Moustafa's advice for those considering doing an EMBA. ‘Don’t freak out. In the first week you might feel a little bit overwhelmed sometimes. I was overwhelmed the first week. But after it's gone, even though it was quite tough, it was very informative. So don't freak out, let it be and go with the flow. Do the best you can do. Focus during the lecture and enjoy!'

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