Harnessing Diversity: Ana Belen Cortez Reflects on EMBA Journey, Career Impact, and Personal Growth

'Being in a team with people not only from different nationalities, but also different backgrounds in terms of career helped me see how they were approaching things in a totally different way. This could be challenging at the beginning, but as we progressed we could extract the most out of it.' Ana Belen Cortez, EMBA class of '18.

Ana Belen graduated in 2018 and during the EMBA she learned the importance of being part of a diverse group, in every sense of the word

The topics that are covered in this podcast:

  • How she looks back on her EMBA journey
  • The impact the EMBA had on her career
  • The added value of an EMBA
  • The impact of the EMBA on a more personal level - A word of advice

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