Empowering Decision-Making: Reinier Hille Ris Lambers Reflects on EMBA Journey, Teamwork, and Adding Value

When asked how the EMBA impacted his decision making skills, here’s what Reinier Hille Ris Lambers, graduate of the EMBA class of ’18, had to say: ‘I learned how to make decision. And not just decisions for me, but decisions in which we had to agree as a team. And that was very important. It’s not your decision making skills that are necessarily important. It’s your skills in making the right decisions and right in terms of what is right for the people you are working with and the collective thing you are trying to deliver.’

With over fifteen years of experience in the research and environment sector, Reinier decided to do an Executive MBA to hone his business skills and knowledge. Once he joined the EMBA he realized how his own expertise was of value and how he could add value to the teams he was part of during the EMBA.

The topics that are covered in this podcast: -

  • Looking back on his EMBA journey
  • The impact and added value of an EMBA
  • How leadership and decision-making skills are a team-effort
  • And a word of advice

Listen to this podcast episode to hear Reinier’s story.

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