Choosing the right combination of MBA electives allows you to do a deep dive in one particular subject, or perhaps even pivot your career! In our latest Programme Pocast we met up with Asimwe Ruganyoise (FT MBA’21) to discuss her reason for choosing electives around Finance and Sustainability:

Energy transition

“I want to be part of the energy transition that is happening right now in the oil and gas industry. To make this happen, there will be a lot of acquisitions in the sustainability space. So I wanted to learn about sustainability, but also how these deals work. If I were to look at a renewables company and their financials, I need to understand how their business works, how they make money, and how we can make energy cheaper and accessible to our clients.”

Topics covered in this podcast:

  • How do Career Concentrations and Electives in the curriculum work?
  • How does choosing the right electives shape your career?
  • Asimwe explains how the combination of Finance and Sustainability electives will help her to get involved in the energy transition in the Oil & Gas industry.
  • What did she learn about sustainable finance and change management?
  • How did the electives change Asimwe's thinking about sustainabilty, coming from an engineering background?

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