Is sustainable development relevant for every business? For example, can every kind of business or organisation do something to counter climate change, or help to create a global culture for sustainable business?

The answer to both questions is ‘yes’.

In the MOOC Driving Business Towards the SDGs, you can explore the role of business in contributing to a better future for people AND the planet without giving up profits, by using the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework for addressing these massive global problems.

In this seven-week online course, you will explore new thinking about business and its contribution to the SDGs. This MOOC also explains how all 17 of the SDGs are interconnected, and why synergy is the key to solving these wicked problems.

Guided by RSM’s academics and illustrated by leaders from business, you will discover how the SDGs can become an opportunity rather than a challenge, and why and how individuals should contribute to positive change. You will explore partnerships and learn how sharing knowledge can help to create impact, scale up ideas and initiatives, and change perceptions to make transformation possible. You will discover systems thinking, ways to reduce carbon footprints, the interconnectedness of the SDGs, and mitigating negative impact.

This MOOC addresses each of the 17 SDGs, the issues they relate to, how to apply business insights to each of them, and what individuals can do.

Driving business towards the SDGs

MOOC Driving business towards the SDGs: Watch the trailer

Learning objectives

During this online course, you will spend two to four hours per week learning how to:

  • know what the SDGs are, why they are important, and how each individual can be an agent for positive change in the world
  • understand the role of business in the transition to sustainable development to create a prosperous future for all
  • be able to identify interconnectedness of the SDGs and the challenges behind solving them
  • know how management insights can contribute to the SDGs
  • be able to evaluate the effectiveness of current business strategies in contributing to the SDGs
  • develop a positive, critical, aware and courageous attitude towards the SDGs.

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