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Large-scale landscape restoration is one of the most promising solutions to counter extreme weather events such as heat waves, drought, landslides, biodiversity loss and their consequences such as mass migration and hunger. Entrepreneurial skills and business tools and techniques can bring landscape restoration to a new level and unlock the potential it holds. Landscape restoration provides opportunities for long-term business resilience and healthy ecosystems on our planet, driving positive change. The online course effectively combines entrepreneurial insights with a holistic approach to landscape restoration.

In just 10 weeks (or 50 hours of study) learners obtain the skills and mindset needed to apply a holistic view in their respective businesses, landscape restoration initiatives and other related activities. Ranging from sustaining your idea to business model discovery and validating your idea, the course provides useful tools, techniques, and the right mindset in a changing world. As a bonus, professionals who are ready to start acting can explore their readiness for investment. The course thus serves a broad spectrum of professionals in landscape restoration and regeneration. 

This course complements two other MOOCs from RSM (both available on the Coursera platform):

Learning objectives

During this online course, you will spend two to four hours per week:

  • Reflecting on the benefits of an entrepreneurial mindset for healthy landscapes
  • Creating a holistic view that delivers multiple returns using the integrated 4 returns landscape business model Canvas
  • Validating a problem statement and a purpose statement to develop a desirable outcome by using an empathy map and customer journey in an appropriate context and time
  • Developing and validating a minimal viable product and solution for an already validated problem
  • Reflecting on your own role and ability to be a landscape restoration orchestrator, now and in the future
  • Reflecting on and reviewing your business’ investment readiness level from both a business and a landscape perspective
  • BONUS: Explaining the importance of a collaborative atmosphere with stakeholders within an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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