In this MOOC you will learn about the colorful and diverse international security landscape, and gain insights into challenging topics including open source intelligence, serious organised crime and illicit trade. This seven-week course was developed as part of an Erasmus+ EU funded project in which multiple European partner organisations participated. We recorded the videos for this MOOC at different locations in Europe in order to provide you with an insight into the original environment of these contributing partners.

Please find a break-down of the topics for each course week below:

  • Week 1 - An introduction to the international security landscape
  • Week 2 - Managing security
  • Week 3 - Internet Intelligence and Investigation
  • Week 4 - Serious Organised Crime
  • Week 5 - Leadership in security management
  • Week 6 - Illicit trade
  • Week 7 - A positive lens on safety

Practical information

RSM’s seven-week MOOC ‘International Security Management’ is taught in English (English subtitles are also available in the video sections). There is no fee to participate in the programme. Further details about the syllabus and start dates are available through Coursera, a provider of online classes from more than 120 top universities and educational organisations.

International Security Management

International Security Management: Watch the teaser

Learning objectives

During this online course, you will spend two to four hours each week learning:

  • The underlying principles, forces and actions of international security management
  • To apply the concept of a security risk assessment in your personal life
  • The challenges of international security management
  • How the internet contributes to international security management
  • How technological developments over the past decades influenced international security management
  • The consequences of illicit trade
  • The distinction between serious organized crime and terrorism
  • The role of leadership in addressing global challenges
  • To recognize the positive aspects and indicators of safety

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