If you are in full-time higher education in the Netherlands, you may be eligible for student finance. You must satisfy the following three requirements:

  • Age: you must be under the age of 30 when you become entitled to student finance
  • Nationality: you must be a Dutch national or have the same rights. You can check this with the nationality chart.
  • Education: you must be in full-time or dual education
  • Have been living in the Netherlands for 5 consecutive years or more or
  • If you (or your non-Dutch parent or partner) work in the Netherlands for at least 56 hours a month
  • If you have a non-EEA nationality with a residence permit type I, II, III or IV (not for students with a student visa)

You can find a very useful infographic of the Dutch student finance system here.

The basic government tuition fees loan includes:

  • A monthly loan. The Dutch government stipulates the student loan levels each year and the amounts are regularly updated on the DUO website.

  • A student travel card

  • An interest-bearing extra loan

  • A supplementary grant (your eligibility to receive this supplement depends on the income of your parents/guardian).

For the application procedure, please visit the DUO website.