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Discover the latest business insights with a Master of Business Administration degree.

Short courses

Improve your business skills with a short training, and put what you learn into action at work immediately.

Customised programmes

Benefit from a tailored programme with customised learning interventions, to opimise and transform your company.

At Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) we research, then understand the complexities of business. Which is why our portfolio of business programmes are designed to help you, your people and your company address the ever-changing business needs in our world.

From strategy to sustainability, leadership to lean six sigma and everything in between, our courses develop the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes required to successfully manage. Our faculty and business experts provide the insight and inspiration for you to innovate, empower and perhaps most importantly, to stay in motion.

Discover how our programmes inspire you to stay in motion.

Because standing still is moving backwards

Very early in my life I committed myself to a life of continuous learning, which encourages me to pursue new paths like learning a new language or completing two Masters degrees or travelling to new places that I have never been to. There is always something out there that I have no idea about and this insatiable desire helps me to stay in motion.

Punya Pullakita, Full-time MBA Class of 2023

Seeking to revitalise my energy and passion in my career, I chose to invest in myself here at RSM. So far I've received effective feedback, had great pleasure engaging with a wonderfully diverse mix of fellow students, and unlearned some unconscious bias. These all equip me with a fresh strategic global mindset. It was my dream to study abroad, and I'm happy that I'm staying in motion at RSM.

Jessie Tao, Global Executive MBA Class of 2024

I stay in motion by leaving my comfort zone, pursuing my career in different countries for my personal growth and development, leaving family and friends behind. I stay in motion by living in five different countries and engaging with more than 100 different nationalities, which fuels me and equips me with the tools that I need to adapt to an ever-changing world.

Joey Aad, Full-time MBA Class of 2023

I stay in motion by making space for new ideas and trying new things! Whether it is through reading on latest trends in my industry, meeting new people outside of my field, challenging myself to try new forms of workout, or taking up a new hobby!

Garima Sharma, Full-time MBA Class of 2023

I stay in motion by regularly making a personal roadmap to reach different short and long-term goals. I keep a flexible mindset in an ever-changing world by continually expanding my knowledge and horizons, by keeping up with world events and seeking out people whose experiences are different from my own. Learning about changemakers in the world inspires me to move out of my comfort zone.

Lauren Smotkin, Full-time MBA Class of 2023

I stay in motion by having my long-term goals and plans. However, in today’s world I think agility is key. I try not to get too attached to my long-term plans, rather I try to plan one phase at a time.

Ameen Kreidieh, Full-time MBA Class of 2023


International Full-time MBA

The International Full-time MBA at RSM builds the critical-thinking, problem-solving, leadership and communication skills you need to launch and sustain a world-class career in business. In any sector, in any management role, anywhere in the world. When you study at RSM, you choose a truly international learning environment with Triple Crown accreditation, and a 12-month search visa to fully explore opportunities in the Netherlands.

  • Degree


  • Starting date

    January 2024

  • Duration

    12 months full-time

  • Fee


  • Format

    In person

  • Career in Europe

    88% of our students accepted an offer within three months after graduation, and 80% of them stayed here in the Netherlands. Nearly nine out of ten graduates stayed in Europe after graduation.

  • Strong corporate connections

    RSM has long-term partnerships with well-known companies and holds various campus recruitments every year. RSM Career Centre provides our MBA students with strong support and resources.

  • 99% international student body

    Having the ability to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds is an essential part of being a global business leader in today’s world, and the RSM MBA can provide you with that.

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Executive MBA

The Executive MBA at RSM is a transformational journey in personal and professional development that will give you the insights, the attitudes, the skills and the frameworks to take that next step. Whether you are looking to move up into senior leadership, into general management or to make a transition into a new geography, function or venture, the RSM EMBA will drive your career further than you ever thought possible.

  • Degree


  • Starting date

    January 2024

  • Duration

    18 months part-time

  • Fee


  • Format

    In person

  • Learn while you earn

    Our part-time MBA programmes gives you the flexibility to balance your career commitments with your learning.

  • Leadership development

    The Executive MBA is geared towards highly motivated mid-career professionals with a wish to further develop management and leadership skills.

  • Powerful network

    Who you know is often as important as what you know. When you start your EMBA at RSM, you're connected to a community of talented professionals with an average work experience of 11 years.

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Global Executive MBA

The Global Executive MBA at RSM is a transformative and intensive 21-month journey in leadership development, tailored exclusively to your needs and objectives. You are empowered with the knowledge, the insights into your personal style of leadership, the skills and the strategic vision to lead your organisation with clarity, confidence and integrity. Delivered in Rotterdam, one of the world’s key economic hubs, the RSM Global Executive MBA connects you to a global network of peers, thought leaders and change agents. You experience all the dynamics of international leadership and business, where it happens, as it happens.

  • Degree


  • Starting date

    September 2024

  • Duration

    21 months part-time

  • Fee


  • Format

    In person

  • MBA for Senior Executives

    RSM’s Global Executive MBA programme is taught by world class faculty on a well‑connected campus, expertly designed for working senior leaders.

  • Strategic Leadership

    The programme aims to develop a C-suite level of professional competence in all functional areas of contemporary business, as well as hone the skills and attitudes that senior managers need to serve in strategic leadership roles.

  • Global Experiential Learning

    The Global Experiential Learning (GEL) courses are designed to provide you an appreciation of business in context. We will zoom in on four sets of concrete strategic challenges that C-suite executives are likely to face, now or in the near future.

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Short courses

General management

Whether you are a senior or first-time manager, it’s time to give your career a boost. RSM’s general management programmes will sharpen your critical thinking skills. Your leadership impact will improve with training by world-class academics and business leaders. Develop your strategic, financial and leadership skills and put your new knowledge into practice immediately.

Advanced Management and Leadership Programme

Take your leadership capabilities to the next level, sharpen your critical thinking skills, and enhance your impact as a leader in this intensive modular programme for seasoned professionals.

RSM Diploma Programme in General Management

The fast track if you’re a professional or expert moving into the role of a manager or supervisor for the first time. Acquire techniques and competences to run your team smoothly and effectively.


Learn how to bring out the best in yourself and others while developing a broader perspective of your leadership capabilities through practical approaches and professional coaching. In RSM’s leadership programmes, you will develop the skills you need to motivate, coach and assess people to get them behind your goals and strategies and take action.

The Challenge of Leadership

Master the core skills and styles needed to deliver outstanding leadership performance that builds teams and business. High impact programme for experienced leaders.

Essentials of Leadership

Becoming a successful leader starts with understanding yourself. Gain the knowledge and tools to enhance your personal leadership style and physical intelligence.

Leading Change

Train to lead change successfully with the theoretical background and the practical know-how to understand and diagnose change, lead change, and implement change.

Personal effectiveness

Are you getting the most out of your working day? Are you achieving your goals? Your effectiveness is about your personal qualities. Therefore, personal effectiveness means something different for everyone. In RSM's personal effectiveness programmes, you can learn the knowledge and skills to perform, manage, negotiate, or plan effectively.

Leading with Presence

Become aware of your non-verbal presentation and learn how to use your strong features to have more impact in your interaction and communication with others.

Project Management in Practice

Transform complex ideas into a structured and successful plan. Learn the best-practice tools, management models and people skills to become a more effective project manager. 

Effective Negotiating Skills

Acquire the practical skills and confidence needed to develop your own negotiation style and learn how to apply the fundamental concepts of negotiation.

Strategy and innovation

Explore and learn the appropriate theories, concepts and tools to take your company’s strategy into a new direction. In RSM’s strategy and innovation programmes, you will come to grips with strategy and innovation elements, tackle contemporary business challenges, and learn to recognise competitive advantage. You will also develop relevant, valuable, and integral input to your own organisation’s strategy.

Make Strategy Work

Learn how to successfully turn high-level strategic imperatives and concepts into action for teams and individuals.

Innovation Management

Understand new approaches to design, and implement and integrate innovation management into your organisation.

Design Thinking

Make innovation happen in your organisation using design thinking. Learn the methodology and tools to develop new ideas using your insights into your customers.

Finance and accounting

Learn how to acquire, allocate, invest and manage financial resources to achieve competitive advantage for your organisation. Whether you are a financial or a non-financial executive, in RSM’s finance programmes your will develop your understanding of corporate finance strategies through lectures, interactive peer discussions and business cases.

Diploma Programme in Advanced Business Valuation

Learn and thoroughly understand the valuation tools you needs to become an independent business valuator. 

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Gain essential knowledge of the most widely used financial tools, helping you to understand the financial aspects of your role.

Sustainable Finance

Learn about the why, what and how of sustainable finance, providing you with practical tools for implementing sustainable investing and lending.

Marketing and sales

To achieve competitive advantage, your organisation must get its marketing strategy right. Whether you are a seasoned marketer, experienced sales manager or new in the field, in RSM’s marketing and sales programmes you will explore practical approaches, the latest insights and best practices with world-class academics and experts to understand your customers and competitors better.

Strategic Account Management

Gain the knowledge and practical skills you need to confidently manage long-term strategic relationships with your key clients.

Leading with Decision-Driven Analytics

Adjust your organisational decision-making according to newfound insights fuelled by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Digital and data

Are you involved in developing or implementing digital transformation, big or small? Then you need the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate this quickly changing environment. Become a better digital transformation advisor in your organisation with RSM's digital programmes. You will learn practical approaches, knowledge and competencies to drive changes in your organisation.

Diploma Programme in Digital Transformation

Turn digital disruption from threat into opportunity in your company. Become a better digital transformation advisor in your organisation by applying new knowledge and skills to your business challenge.

Digital Analytics and Customer Insights

Learn the tools needed to manage data through analytics and design thinking principles, be able to apply management strategies to leverage value-adding opportunities.

Digital Leadership and Change

Learn which capabilities you need and what culture is required for digital transformation. Gain insights on personal leadership and change management during this experiential programme. 

Women and diversity

Women mean business. Prepare yourself for your next career step by acquiring new knowledge, taking ownership, developing and understanding your network and gaining confidence in being present. Break through the glass ceiling, or improve your leadership, communication and presentation skills and negotiation techniques. Learn how to manage yourself, manage relationships, and manage networks.

Women in Leadership

Prepare yourself for you next career step. Learn how to manage yourself, manage relationships, and manage networks.

Negotiating for Success: Women, Careers and Business

This workshop gives you tools, techniques and a theoretical framework to improve your negotiation skills.

Communication with Power and Impact for Women

Understand and master the effects of body language and tone to increase your power and influence through communication.

Customised programmes

Tailor-made programmes for your organisation

Is your team, department or organisation facing a particular challenge? Or do you need to add to the collective skills of your colleagues? A development course or a tailor-made programme from RSM could be exactly what’s needed.

Request a bespoke development programme or adjust any of our short courses to your organisation’s needs. Choose when, where and how your teams learn from our experts.

Why choose a tailor-made programme

A customised programme that matches your organisation’s learning needs, can help solve your business challenges. Discuss your options with our learning consultants, to discover our range of programmes.

#1 ranked in the Netherlands

Co-create the best learning path for your team of employees together with learning consultants from the #1 business school in customised programmes in the Netherlands.

When it suits you

Online or face-to-face at your preferred time and location. A management training programme that fits your organisation.

Effective programmes

Create an in-company programme with impact with our learning and development managers.

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